Fountain & Pond, The Arboretum, Lincoln

28 Apr

Some cool pond fountains images:

Fountain & Pond, The Arboretum, Lincoln
pond fountains
Image by Lincolnian (Brian)
In the east end of Lincoln is a Victorian Arboretum and public gardens. Over the years the whole area had become rather run down through lack of maintenance but has now been extensively renovated at a cost of over £3M. This shot shows the ornamental pond and fountain. The fountain columns have an history of their own. Lincoln was hit by a major typhoid epidemic between November 1904 and August 1905, caused by polluted drinking water which resulted in 113 deaths. A new water supply was eventually found at Elksley in Nottinghamshire and the colums are part of the core bored out when the new wells were sunk.

Solar Power Pond Aerator Fountains
pond fountains
Image by Dave Dugdale
Feel free to use this image. Just link to

More info in this photos on this blog post…

Reed Pond Fountain
pond fountains
Image by Rob Valkass
The main fountain in Reed Pond at the University of Exeter. It seems to get switched off quite a bit these days.


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