Nice Pond Fountains photos

1 Jul

Some cool pond fountains images:

Magic Water Fountain Light at Night Garden
pond fountains
Image by
This magic water fountain spreads it’s glowing light at the night garden in Puerto Cruz de Tenerife. The glow of the LED lightning made this garden water pond to be a perfect model for a long exposure photo.

The glowing stream of magic light illuminated the fresh cold air while the rain drops fell into the cool water of this artificial garden pond.

Fountain over pond 湖上喷泉
pond fountains
Image by kingmagic
Fountain over pond in Baihe (Hundreds of lotus) Park, Guichi, Anhui Province. In the background is the Baiya Tower standing atop the hill.

Clapton Pond Fountain. c 1905
pond fountains
Image by sludgegulper
Not greatly changed in 100 years. The terrace is c 1890. The fountain has been recreated in the last couple of years, but without that volcanic mound of gabbro or whatever. Is or was there ever anything else like it?


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