Water Gardens?

18 Aug

Question by capnbilly: Water Gardens?
I have a series of 3 small fish ponds, i put goldfish “feederfish” in them every spring and then catch the survivors and bring them inside for the winter.

Can i add frogs (tadpoles) to the ponds or will they eat the fish?

Best answer:

Answer by monty069
the frogs would love a new Safe home we have a water garden and one day they just showed up — if you need any help on your water garden we are here to help–my sister and I have started a help program with pictures and everything–we also can help with Pumps/Filters/water falls/Flat rock/ how to catch and keep your pond under Your Control—
————————Have Fun Monty 7 Terre

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One Response to “Water Gardens?”

  1. saaanen August 18, 2009 at 7:19 pm #

    Yes, and no. I have bullfrogs, too.They are insect eaters.

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