Cool Pond Pumps images

28 Aug

A few nice pond pumps images I found:

Local Villager Pumps Water into the Pond Sand Filter (Save the Children USA)
pond pumps
Image by uncultured
Pond water is a great source of drinking water because of its low iron content. In this region, Save the Children USA builds something called a Pond Sand Filter which helps turn pond water into safe and clean drinkable water.

This photo was taken near a recently constructed pond sand filter. I tried the water myself – it ain’t bad at all.

What amazed me the most was how easy this pump was to operate. It literally can be done with just one hand with minimal pressure.

This photo is a supplement to a couple of videos I have on YouTube where you get to vote on how I help Save the Children USA, you can see it here:


View from the Dam
pond pumps
Image by Kris Griffon
Long Pond and the new water pump house (now defunct).

Winter pond fountain
pond pumps
Image by MarkinDetroit
I took some video of the snowed over pond and edited them together.


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