Ngatea Water Garden #11

28 Sep

Check out these water gardens images:

Ngatea Water Garden #11
water gardens
Image by AARON_400D
1/50 l f/10 l 18mm l ISO100

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January 11th is day #11 / 365

About Ngatea Water Garden
Ngatea Water Gardens are privately owned and operated by Roger and Emma Blake. They designed and built the gardens, commencing development in 1995. Roger, a mechanical engineer, (now gardener) has displayed his engineering skills throughout the gardens, transforming a flat paddock into a contoured array of ponds, paths, bridges and structures.

The design caters for all ages; the playground and quiz being favourites with the children. Everchanging with the seasons, these gardens are interesting all year round; so bring along a picnic and these spectacular gardens will make your day!

6 Shot HDR
2 HDR Vertorama
Photo merge
Unsharp Mark
U-point Technology
Saturation & contrast

Water Garden, Lotusland
water gardens
Image by brewbooks
Water garden, Lotusland

Photographed at Lotusland Santa Barbara, California
15 Sep 2006
Northwest Horticulture Society Santa Barbara Tour
i091506 125


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