Effective Pond Fishing Techniques For Catching Bass

1 Oct

Do you want to catch more black bass from the bank at your favorite freshwater fishing pond? Maybe you’re already catching plenty largemouth bass, but you want to be able to catch more and much larger sized bucketmouths. Then these strategical fishing techniques are definitely for you! Whether you are a beginner angler or have plenty of fishing experience, all fishermen alike can benefit from some of these helpful tips and techniques.

Recommended Pond Fishing Tackle

When I visit the fishing ponds near me, I usually bring along two simple set-ups. But you can also get by with just one rod and reel combo, especially if you don’t want pack around the extra gear.

The first outfit would be a baitcaster rod and reel matched with a swimbait or a crankbait. Keep in mind as a general rule of thumb that larger baits are usually associated with targeting bigger fish.

The next outfit that I like to use is a medium action spinning combo matched with a large profile soft plastic lure, such as a 7″ to 10″ worm, a large lizard, a big chigger craw, jig ‘n pigs, or whatever you have the most confidence in throwing to attract those big lunker sized largemouth bass.

Targeted Areas Of Interest

Once at the fishing pond, check out the shoreline and look for key points of interest and structure that would most likely and often hold fish. If you’re focused on targeting mainly lunker sized largemouth bass, you’ll have to weed through quite a few small bass in the process, not that catching any amount of fish is really ever a big deal, right?  

Pond Fishing Techniques

Start fan casting your swim bait out toward key targeted areas. Try experimenting by varying your retrieval speeds and cadences until you figure out an effective technique and pattern for getting the fish to react. Cast a few times to each area and then move along. There’s really not much of a need to stay in one spot for too long. The fish may not be there at the moment, or they just might be on a stubborn bite.     

When you’ve reached a stopping point or a time about midway through your day of fishing, switch over to your spinning gear with your soft plastics. As you make your way back to your starting location, cast your presentations back out towards the same targeted areas as before. This time, you’ll be using a much slower approach to help attract those big sluggish largemouth bass that had passed on your original offerings.

Final Quick Tips

The key is to keep it simple, at least for the most part as a beginner fishermen. As you gain more time and experience on the water, then you should be able to determine what lures and tackle will help you out the best for busting those seemingly illusive lunker sized largemouth bass. This is just one of the many effective pond fishing techniques for locating and catching some monster fish throughout much of the year, especially in warmer seasons and when they are the most aggressive.

This approach should help you land some nice quality lunker largemouth bass from the banks. If you enjoyed this article and would like to get more cool informational tips and techniques about bass fishing, then please take a moment to visit http://www.fishingloft.com/largemouth-bass-fishing.html.

Jason is an avid freshwater fishing enthusiast that enjoys providing his knowledge and sharing his experiences to help and encourage others in the fishing community. Visit his website at www.fishingloft.com to get exclusive insights catered to your fishing needs.

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