Do pond water pumps make noise?

5 Oct

Question by MJ: Do pond water pumps make noise?
I was wondering if water pumps make any noise when they are submersed? Also, my pond is quite small and I don’t want to scare my fish with a noisy pump. Thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by llriffel
majority of the pond pumps you get to day are extreamly quiet
and wont bother the fish or you at all

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One Response to “Do pond water pumps make noise?”

  1. mindshift October 5, 2009 at 1:03 pm #

    It has been years since I had a pond. It was a freestanding pool with a fountain in it. I don’t recall any noise from the submersible pump, only the sound of the splashing water. I doubt this type of pump has become noisier over the years.

    Below is a link to a site with many helpful articles about ponds, pumps, and systems.

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