Koi Fish Pond

29 Oct

A few nice pond fish images I found:

Koi Fish Pond
pond fish
Image by Eustaquio Santimano
Koi Fish Pond, Kranji Countryside, Singapore


Japanese koi have been popular because of these reasons:

1. They’re very beautiful, as well as a sturdy with an ability to survive even in freezing conditions.

2. They’re suited to large ponds and can grow to over 1-2 feet in length, and this provides the rare pleasure to watch fish swim and prosper in a large outdoor or indoor ponds in a more natural environment.

3. You’ll eventually be able to hand feed your koi when they gain your confidence, and this is a way that we humans really start to bond with our koi, and vice versa.

4. Some koi are worth thousands of dollars, and are a thriving industry for koi breeders.

5. They are believed to bring good fung shui, or luck, in Chinese culture.


Roman fish ponds
pond fish
Image by U_Kersting
Old Roman fish breeding ponds with natural water circulation.

National Arboretum Pond Fish
pond fish
Image by Mr. T in DC
There were several fish swimming within range of my lens in the shallow, sunlit waters of Beech Spring Pond, on the grounds of the National Arboretum, in Washington, DC. This one was the largest I spotted, approximately 6-8" long


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