Anyone know anything about pond-less waterfalls?

22 Nov

Question by annie: Anyone know anything about pond-less waterfalls?
I am interested in having a 15 to 20 foot long pond-less waterfall installed in my backyard, do you know what it could cost me in labor or total project cost? Thank you for any good answers.

Best answer:

Answer by meanolmaw
oh, YUMMY!!…. I’d kill for this one….

here’s info and pics….

a pondless waterfall isn’t long….it disappears immediately into the ground below the falls….. if you’re wanting a stream, that can be done, too, but it’s a bigger pain than just the waterfall… and requires cleaning much more often…. and BIG pumps…. those links should help a lot…. if it’s a big one, plan on a couple grand…. that’s rocks, pumps, labor and all…..a pal of mine spent just on 2800 on hers and got a break on the labor, too…hers is HUGE, tho….lotsa rocks!! BIG ONES….

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