Are solar pond pumps any good?

14 Mar

Question by decatur135: Are solar pond pumps any good?
I have seen a solar pump for an outdoor pond in a home improvement catalog but have not been able to find any for sale in the Atlanta area.

Best answer:

Answer by flowerbunnie
I haven’t seen them here either, but I’ve seen fountains operate on solar power.
My pump gets pretty clogged this time of year. always need to change the filter.

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One Response to “Are solar pond pumps any good?”

  1. FRANK W March 14, 2010 at 12:40 pm #

    Solar devices depend on where you live. Plain and simple, lots of sun, lots of energy stored. Where I live, I see neighbors that have solar landscape lights that work well in the summer, are ludicrous in the winter…
    Places like Arizona, Denver CO, etc. ought to work optimally

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