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Ponds, Water Gardens & Waterfalls: Chapter 5 Building a Waterfall

17 Jul


Let Tetra show you step-by-step how to design, build and care for the perfect water garden. For more information, visit http://www.tetrapond.com
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Fowler Koi Pond With Waterfall and Stream- By Columbia Water Gardens

18 Mar


The construction of this koi pond features a 150 gallon upper pond that feeds a stream that waterfalls into a 1400 gallon lower pond that is 3 feet deep. In the building of this koi pond we used a Tetra PUV2500 to filter the pond against algae using untraviolet light (uv) and to biologically filter the fish waste. The design of this system utilizes a bottom drain and an under water pond return (TPR) to give a nice ripple effect as the filtered water re-enters the pond. There are 2 planting shelves and a “no rock” bottom. The upper pond can be used to harvest water hyacinth and water lettuce for the main pond. It’s also a nice area for incubating fry in the event that the koi in the main pond spawn. For more pond designs, visit our free pond design center right from your home or office at http://www.ColumbiaWaterGardens.com. We have distribution points nationwide so shipping is usually free and fast nationwide. Give us a call to troubleshoot your pond or for advice on setting up one of your very own. You’ll be glad you did.

Nice Water Gardens photos

2 Feb

Check out these water gardens images:

SA Water Garden design
water gardens
Image by brewbooks
An interesting mix of plants

Leucophyta brownii ‘Silver Clouds’ from South and Southwest Australia


Aloe ferox Cape Aloe from South Africa


Myrtus communis Common Myrtle from
Mediterranean Basin

Find out more at SA Water Mediterranean Garden
Located at the Adelaide Botanic Garden
i040707 159

Gooderstone Water Gardens
water gardens
Image by Martin Pettitt
Water Gardens Kingfisher with fish

Gooderstone Water Gardens
water gardens
Image by Martin Pettitt
Water Gardens

What is a good web site for building water gardens and water falls???

10 Oct

Question by hayairborne: What is a good web site for building water gardens and water falls???
Any advice on books and web sites for water gardens and water falls would be very helpful.

Best answer:

Answer by ecmisspiggy15
Try http://www.pallensmith.com

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Water Gardens?

18 Aug

Question by capnbilly: Water Gardens?
I have a series of 3 small fish ponds, i put goldfish “feederfish” in them every spring and then catch the survivors and bring them inside for the winter.

Can i add frogs (tadpoles) to the ponds or will they eat the fish?

Best answer:

Answer by monty069
the frogs would love a new Safe home we have a water garden and one day they just showed up — if you need any help on your water garden we are here to help–my sister and I have started a help program with pictures and everything–we also can help with Pumps/Filters/water falls/Flat rock/ how to catch and keep your pond under Your Control—
————————Have Fun Monty 7 Terre

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Aquascape Water Gardens, Water Features & Koi Ponds

27 Jun


Water gardening is one of the best lifestyle choices you can make. Learn how easy it is to add a beautiful, easy to maintain ecosystem pond / water feature to your backyard, patio, or landscaping while adding new biodiversity to your environment. Learn more about sustainable, eco-friendly water gardens at http://www.aquascapeinc.com
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