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is it safe to put lunch boxes weighed down by stones into pond to stand pond pumps on?

24 Jan

Question by jules: is it safe to put lunch boxes weighed down by stones into pond to stand pond pumps on?
what else can i stand a pond pump on so not to get clogged up

Best answer:

Answer by Gaijin
You can buy precast concrete piers at Home Depot,Lowes or look in phone book for suppliers.You can also make them but I’ve bought and used them in the past.The lunch boxs would rust out fast,with in a year or two.

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Keep your Pond Clean with Pond Pumps

6 Aug
pond pumps
by rabble

If you have a beautiful pond, then you need to be able to maintain it and if you have fish in it all the more reason to help them stay healthy and alive. Fish need a lot of clean water as well as oxygen buying one of the pond pumps would be a worthwhile investment. Before you gout and purchase one, make sure you familiarize yourself with all the pond supplies that are available in the market. Perhaps you would also require one of the pond filters to help you keep the water in the pond clean so that your fish thrive and multiply.

The pond pumps make sure that there is water movement in the pond and they help clean the water as well. Since the fish pond is quite different from a swimming pool using a swimming pool pump in a fish pond could be quite a waste. The flow rate is indirectly proportional to the quantity of head as more extra power is needed if you are to thrust the water up hill. Most manufacturers of pond pumps measure the maximum head they recommend for their pumps and provide you a chart which states the final rate at which the water flows at a particular feet of head pressure.

Pond filters are extremely important pond supplies if you want to have a pond which is successful.  They not only help in making the pond water even more clear but even better, they rid the pond water of nitrates, ammonia and organic wastes which could mean the death of your fish. Making sure that a good quality of water is maintained in the pond at all times is the job that pond filters will do for you helping your fish stay healthy.

The various kinds of pond pumps having varied capabilities will raise water through a certain length of pipe to varying heights. The only thing common between all these pumps is that they are all better at pushing water rather than pulling it. Pond pumps come in two categories; the external pumps and the submersible pumps. The submersible pumps are normally used for small ponds as they draw high energy and are not very efficient where flow rates are concerned which might be something like a thousand gallons an hour. Submersible pumps are often used to maintain the aesthetic beauty of the ponds keeping the pond pumps out of sight and with newer technology today, they are getting more powerful as well.

Pond filtration happens in two steps one being mechanical and the other biological. In the former, organic waste is ensnared and is required to be taken out. If not, it could lead to the build-up of dangerous bacteria which could have adverse effects on your fish. During the biological process, the harmful compounds like nitrates and ammonia are changed into some that are not harmful. When you are looking for one of the best pond filters make sure that is a good one and does not need regular maintenance. One should buy pond filters keeping in mind the size of the pond, the volume of water it contains and the amount of fish there is in it. The same holds good for the pond pumps as well as price should never be the deciding factor.

Keep your pond clean and your fish safe by using some of the best pond pumps and pond filters and a whole lot of pond kits available right here!

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http://www.thewinnerguide.com — Considering Solar Powered External Pond Pump External pond pump is one example of the pond pumps. When it comes to choosing a pond pump and filter, there are various different options that one can choose from. By being educated and aware of this things, you can choose the right one for your specific needs. Maybe you have more or less plants in your pond. Therefore, you will need a different type of pump, such as external pond pump. When it comes to the external pond pump, one of the best things that you can do is get a solar powered external pond pump. There are many reasons for choosing this. One of the most major reasons is because solar power is a renewable and natural resource. This means that by using this kind of external pond pump, you will not be contributing to global warming, one of the most serious and frightening environmental issues in the world today. But if you purchase one, make sure that there is ample room for solar panels. By ensuring this, it will able to run even on days where the weather is not that great. Where to Buy Since ponds are so popular these days, pond equipment and supplies can be found just about everywhere. For example, you can go to the Macarthur Water Gardens Company. Or you may be interested in checking out Fountain Pump and Supply or the Ponds Online Canada Company. There you will find a lot of supplies of internal or external pond pump. To get more about the Pond Pump, please visit: http://www.thewinnerguide.com
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Are solar pond pumps any good?

14 Mar

Question by decatur135: Are solar pond pumps any good?
I have seen a solar pump for an outdoor pond in a home improvement catalog but have not been able to find any for sale in the Atlanta area.

Best answer:

Answer by flowerbunnie
I haven’t seen them here either, but I’ve seen fountains operate on solar power.
My pump gets pretty clogged this time of year. always need to change the filter.

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My pond pumps transmitter got wet and now the pump won't work and I have no power to my outside lights.?

5 Jan

Question by Debbie T: My pond pumps transmitter got wet and now the pump won’t work and I have no power to my outside lights.?
Did I pop the outside breaker and is it safe to pop it back?

Best answer:

Answer by Wired
Disconnect the pond pump until everything dries out. In the meantime you should be able to reset the circuit breaker and everything will be working again. If the breaker isn’t tripped, then you probably have a GFCI outlet in the line. Look for an outlet with a Test and a Reset button in the center of it. It could be outside or anywhere in the house for that matter. Press the Test button then press the Reset button. There might be several around the house so try them all until your outside lights come back on.

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Selecting The Best Pond Pumps For The Garden – A Few Ideas You Ought To Know

8 Dec

Garden pond pumps are frequently required in a man-made garden pond in order to keep up its cleanliness and also the well being of those fishes and frogs or other inhabitants within the pond. Such a pump is frequently put to use alongside filtration devices to help reduce build-up of unhealthy bacteria, sediments and grime within your pond. The filtration gadget may also make it easier to retain the proper PH equilibrium inside your pond to keep up a well-balanced ecosystem for the inhabitants.

In addition to beautifying your landscape, garden pond pumps have many other functions too other than being attached to the pond filtration. Despite the fact that infiltration is definitely critical, a garden pond pump may also enhance the garden pond plus the well-being of the inhabitants.

The garden pond pump can also be employed to set up water features, waterfalls, water ways, water sprays or other water design which the owner or landscape designer can possibly imagine. The use of the garden pump is essential as it will support the water filtration system simultaneously. In addition ,, garden pond pumps can also help always keep the pond water oxygenated. You need to understand that oxygenating the moving water inside your garden pond is necessary for the survival of the fishes and all other animal life within it. Fishes definitely require air in order to breathe from the moving water and garden pond pumps can aid you with that.

The motions generated by garden pond pumps within a garden pond can be really helpful in protecting against the stagnation of the water in the pond and to preserve the moving water really clean too. Garden pond pumps are widely used to ensure that the pond water circulates faultlessly and that it is able to deliver the water to specific parts within your pond which is also important for plant irrigation.

Now there are several differences in the application of garden pond pumps, particularly when it is being put to use with water formation structures and filtration products. This is when the pond water is being drawn and processed at that same time by the garden pond pump. Right now there are also certain producers which make integrated individual pump which consist of numerous features so that buyers will not need to actually buy more than a single garden pond pump.

In the event that you are considering to install a garden pond pump for the ponds, be sure to select wisely so that you will not end up using a pump which can’t serve your requirements. In case you are undecided exactly which kind to buy or which garden pond pumps can best fit the garden or the particular style and design you are intending to put in place, such as the water structures that you intend to add up, you might consult the producer or the landscape designer for more assistance.

You could work with an ordinary garden pond pump if you don’t desire to include any kind of water formation or other patterns to it. However if you want to decorate the garden, you can select amongst the numerous garden pond pumps out there otherwise you may consult your landscape designer for pointers. Always be precise regarding the water structures that you intend to put into the garden, so that it will be simpler and easier for you to pick the best pump to utilise. The particular pump you pick out must serve your existing requirements, in addition to foreseeable future demands.

A well known brand of garden pond pumps is the Hozelock pond pumps that are available in a number of models to meet your requirements. You’ll find it has fish pond pumps and koi pond pumps designs which serve the demands of large fish and koi ponds. Some individuals may prefer to go with submersible pond pumps which can actually be submerged into your pond and are less noisy. Nowadays a number of pond users are looking at the application of solar pond pumps being an cost-effective way to reduce electricity costs.

Read on to find out more related to the applications and features of pond pumps. Pick the best pond pump to enhance your own pond. Head over to aboutpumpsguide.com now!

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Do pond water pumps make noise?

5 Oct

Question by MJ: Do pond water pumps make noise?
I was wondering if water pumps make any noise when they are submersed? Also, my pond is quite small and I don’t want to scare my fish with a noisy pump. Thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by llriffel
majority of the pond pumps you get to day are extreamly quiet
and wont bother the fish or you at all

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Cool Pond Pumps images

28 Aug

A few nice pond pumps images I found:

Local Villager Pumps Water into the Pond Sand Filter (Save the Children USA)
pond pumps
Image by uncultured
Pond water is a great source of drinking water because of its low iron content. In this region, Save the Children USA builds something called a Pond Sand Filter which helps turn pond water into safe and clean drinkable water.

This photo was taken near a recently constructed pond sand filter. I tried the water myself – it ain’t bad at all.

What amazed me the most was how easy this pump was to operate. It literally can be done with just one hand with minimal pressure.

This photo is a supplement to a couple of videos I have on YouTube where you get to vote on how I help Save the Children USA, you can see it here:




View from the Dam
pond pumps
Image by Kris Griffon
Long Pond and the new water pump house (now defunct).

Winter pond fountain
pond pumps
Image by MarkinDetroit
I took some video of the snowed over pond and edited them together.