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DIY Pond – waterfall – filter build step by step for less than $400

1 Dec


This is a step by step how to build a backyard above ground pond for less than 0 guide. It only took me a couple of days to build, it was really easy. I’ve made a list of materials you will need if you want to build your pond the same way i did. Good Luck! Materials needed: Found almost everything at Lowes and Homedepot. 12 – 3x4x8 landscape timbers (.29 ea) 4 – 18″ angle iron (.00 for 5′) 1 – Pond liner 10×13 (.95) 6 – 1x6x6 Fence boards (.19 ea) 18 – 8×16 landscape pavers ($ .89 ea) 17 – Decorative pavers (.17 ea) 1 – Pond pump (.95) Filter media – Bio media – activated carbon (.00 altogether at pet store) 1 – Plastic planter box (.95) 2′ of 3/4″ pvc plus a couple connectors (- altogether) and about 7′ of 1/2″ tubing (.00)
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is there a pond fountain that works without electricity other than a solar fountain?

18 Jul
pond fountains
by vsz

Question by erumid: is there a pond fountain that works without electricity other than a solar fountain?
I built a pond and didn’t want to run power to it. I bought a solar fountain but it’s not getting enough light and when it does, the fountain’s not that strong.

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Answer by Susan
I did the same thing…and didn’t want to bury a power line so I just ran an outdoor extension cord to it and covered it with the mulch in the garden.

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How to make a backyard pond waterfall weir / spillway for less than $20

21 Jun


I made one of these after getting quoted more than 0 at a local pond store. You can easily build one of these yourself in about 30 minutes for less than . Note: I’ve used a spillway exactly like this 24/7 for well over 2 years now. No leaks. No problems whatsoever. Have fun! Pond Details: 0 Beckett (Model W1150) 1100 gph pump for waterfall Beckett (Model G535AG20) 535 gph pump for fountain. 0 Home Depot 12’x12’PVC Pond liner Waterfall spill tank (made from office storage box) Free Rocks and Wood (courtesy of Nevada Desert) Perinnials from Home Depot Water plants from Oasis Water Gardens 0 for extra Parts/Hosing/Extras
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