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Keep the Water Healthy For Koi Pond Fish

31 Dec

Koi pond fish keeping generally turns out to be more of a water keeping and cleaning hobby than it is a fish keeping hobby in terms of care, maintenance and upkeep of Koi ponds. Now at first glance, this may sound a little strange to you as one does not necessarily get into the hobby of keeping and caring for water, but if you think about it, it does make sense when you consider the environment you are creating for your Koi fish is all about, you guessed it, “water”.

Koi health is highly dependent on the quality and stability of the water in which they live. With that said, it is worth understanding that clear water does not necessarily mean healthy pond water for your Koi, and the reverse holds true as well.

Having recently spent time at a new Koi pond fish development, I had the opportunity to consult with a very worried owner. Her pond had low (but measurable) levels of ammonia and nitrite, and at the same time it had a good amount of unwanted algae growing in it. As it turns out, the water in the pond was passing too fast through the pond filter’s UV Sterilizer. Instead of killing the algae, the UV portion of the filter system was just lightly zapping the algae. In other words, instead of killing the algae, they were simply getting a tanned before returning to the pond water for further growth.

It is worth clearly understanding here that in order to adjust this glitch on a manual labor scale, we would have to replace 1/3 of the pond’s water. In terms of your Koi pond fish, that’s a huge and drastic change in a relatively short amount of time. Imagine if you will being put into a small airtight room. Now imagine someone taking 30% of the air out of that room and at the same time, the room gets smaller by 1/3. I’m feeling a little tight just thinking about it myself.

This kind of adjustment for a new pond would be extreme and was not advisable to say the least. A lot of things, on multiple levels of development, growth, stability and balance, are going on in a new pond – the bio media within the bio film are trying to progress and cultivate to optimum levels of efficiency among other things. One-third water change on a weekly basis is far too risky because with new water, you stand the chance of adding a lot of unknown elements and organisms that might affect the life and well-being of the Koi pond fish living within it.

In cases such as this, it’s best in this particular instance to just let sleeping dogs lie and leave well enough alone. It’s more important for the new pond water to be giving time, with patients and a careful watching eye, to reach stability than for it to look crisp and clear right from the start. Wait for stability to set in among all of the bio functions going on in the water; then clean later if it is still necessary.

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14 Feb

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Nice Water Gardens photos

2 Feb

Check out these water gardens images:

SA Water Garden design
water gardens
Image by brewbooks
An interesting mix of plants

Leucophyta brownii ‘Silver Clouds’ from South and Southwest Australia


Aloe ferox Cape Aloe from South Africa


Myrtus communis Common Myrtle from
Mediterranean Basin

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Located at the Adelaide Botanic Garden
i040707 159

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Gooderstone Water Gardens
water gardens
Image by Martin Pettitt
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What is a good web site for building water gardens and water falls???

10 Oct

Question by hayairborne: What is a good web site for building water gardens and water falls???
Any advice on books and web sites for water gardens and water falls would be very helpful.

Best answer:

Answer by ecmisspiggy15
Try http://www.pallensmith.com

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!